Jan 01

Happy New Year!, and !#@$%!

Unfortunately, all my sites were recently hacked to the point that some were banned and I had to take them all down and am rebuilding from scratch with much better security.

Dear hackers, please wait for the reload to complete, there’s really no challenge in hacking a new site and, I will just wipe it out and start over if you do.  I’ll let you know when everything is reloaded and it will be fun to try again. <|:^)

Dec 23

What a World!

Welcome to My Blog

This site is built with WordPress, free web software used to create blogs and websites of all types.  In this case, free does not mean cheap.  The core software is built and maintained by hundreds of community volunteers and there are thousands of themes and plugin extensions that give a WordPress site almost any style and capability imaginable. The result is so powerful that WordPress now drives over 75 million sites and is the most popular web development platform.

Feel free to browse the site and share your comments or Email Me for more information.

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